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10th Annual Ed Reed Foundation “Thanksgiving Blessings” provides over 400 meals to SEED School of Maryland Students and their Families

By: Andre

On Friday, November 19, 2021, a team of over 25 devoted community volunteers gave their time at The SEED School of Maryland for the 10th Annual Reed Foundation “Thanksgiving Blessings” campaign. They assembled more than 400 Thanksgiving meals for families of the school’s students and other members of the community.

    “Service is one of our core values here at the SEED School of Maryland.  We want to model for our students the importance of giving back. We partner with the Ed Reed Foundation to provide 400 meals for families of our students and some in the community. The 10th Annual Ed Reed “Thanksgiving Blessings” is a great way to kick off the season of gratitude, the season of giving. It brings together the fire department, biker groups, and community members. It is one of the most anticipated events of the year,” said Kirk Sykes, Head of School, SEED School of Maryland.

Photo taken by Dena Fisher. Volunteer, Arona Carroll, is very satisfied after packing food bags for families.

   SEED is the only tuition-free public boarding school in the state of Maryland.  It serves 400 students in grades 6-12.  Its mission is college completion. “Some kids can be struggling for several reasons at home, in their neighborhoods, or at schools. The common denominator is that they have someone in their lives pushing for them and wanting them to succeed. They’ve got big dreams and big aspirations, and all they need is access and opportunity. And that’s what our school does,” said Katie Byram, Director of Development.

   Luciana Smith is a volunteer and a parent. Her kids have been attending the SEED School for six years. She said, “I love this event. I have five children, and it is hard, but knowing that this event is coming every year helps me. I am working, and my time is limited. I know that the SEED School has me, and the program has me.” 

  Darian Tucker is an 18 year old senior at the SEED School of Maryland. He has been at the school since sixth grade. This event has helped his family over the years. “It gives us less stress and saves money so that we can spend it on other things we need,” he said. He also enjoys volunteering. “It is about giving back and helping out.” 

Photo taken by Dena Fisher. Student volunteers, Alexander Randall-Johnson (left) and Darian Tucker (right), are helping to bag Thanksgiving care packages for families.

   “I have been a part of this for almost ten years. It is an amazing thing. You can never assume our students are having Thanksgiving and going home to homes with food. The fact that we can guarantee that all 400 students are having a thanksgiving is beyond amazing,” said Alexis Boyd,  Senior Dean of Students.

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