In this season of giving, the Y of Central Maryland recognized Amerigroup Maryland for its dedication to health equity. In honoring Amerigroup Maryland, the Y recognized the efforts of Lori Hammond and Lanise Thompson. The women were presented with the Y’s “Outstanding Partnership” award, which is given to community partners in the state that support the Y through various programs and grants.

Describing Amerigroup as a ‘model partner to the Y and to the community,’ the mission-driven, charitable organization noted that Amerigroup jumped in as full-fledged partners to help address health disparities worsened by the pandemic. Efforts included providing thousands of reusable grocery bags to support Y food distribution, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for families, a grant to help set up the Y Fresh Mart Food Pantry and coordinating COVID testing and flu vaccination events. 

Hammond serves as Director of Marketing for Amerigroup Maryland, while Lanise Thompson is the health insurance coverage company’s Outreach Manager. 

“We were truly honored to receive this award from the Y,” said Hammond. “It’s just great to be recognized for the support that we do into the community and to be able to provide different varieties of items to the community.”

Thompson added, “As a youngster, I grew up in the YMCA. This award was really an honor.”

Amerigroup aims to provide healthcare and support for low-income communities, people with disabilities, the elderly, and other Medicaid-qualifying individuals. Amerigroup Maryland has provided health care coverage since 1999. Amerigroup has had a long-standing partnership with the Y, providing support for several events, including food and supply giveaways and flu and COVID Vaccines.

The mission of the Y of Central Maryland is dedicated to developing the full potential of every individual through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. Impacting over 350,000 Central Marylanders, the vision of the Y is to provide bold leadership in advancing a holistic approach to well being that strengthens the community’s commitment to healthy living, youth development and social responsibility.

The Y and Amerigroup share the values of inclusion and access for all, and highlighted their work together will continue to ensure that they reach those in need throughout the state. Amerigroup Maryland provides health insurance coverage for nearly 300,000 residents throughout the state and noted they are grateful for the continued opportunity to work alongside the YMCA of Maryland— efforts they say are having a significant impact on the entire community.

Hammond and Thompson were honored at the Y’s Appreciation Awards event held in Catonsville, MD. The other honorees from the Y’s Community Leadership Board who were honored were Chuck Yocum, Edmund O’Meally, Walter P. Carter Elementary and Middle School, Sarah Jennings, Edward Evans, Thomas Mooney, Mary Jean Herron, David Vahos, Antonio Dismel, and David DiPietro. 

“Amerigroup is a managed care organization, and we are dedicated to improving lives and promoting healthier communities,” said Hammond, who has been with Amerigroup for 17 years. “We believe everyone deserves a medical home that goes beyond just providing access to care. It should also include the services and support people need to live healthier lives. We are proud to celebrate over 20 years of helping Medicaid members stay healthy. We are present in all counties in the state of Maryland, so when we look at different ways for us to partner, we always look for ways on how we can help.

“We provide support to a number of our community partners in Maryland, as we understand the social determinants of health related to affordable housing, workforce development and living healthy lives. In fact, these are perfect examples of why we have given to the Y, and they are also right in the community.”

“Anytime that I’m able to help the community, I’m always there,” said Thompson, who has been with Amerigroup for 14 years. “We are very hands-on.”

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