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Global Poverty

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Poverty levels around the globe are on the rise due to COVID-19. Here’s why the United States should care. Beyond obvious humanitarian reasons, increased poverty levels around the world are a cause for concern for Americans.

On the surface, it may be difficult to understand how poverty can affect anyone other than those living in it. Upon closer inspection, it has been shown by research that poverty levels are closely tied to the American economy and job market. Given this information, increased poverty levels due to COVID-19 pose a threat that, if not addressed, will negatively impact the U.S. economy.

Addressing global poverty levels supports the American economy because when we provide economic aid to developing countries, American businesses will have access to markets and trade partners that weren’t previously economically able to engage in trade.

This will in turn improve the American job market because as new international markets continue to open, there will be an increased demand for jobs here in the U.S which will lead to higher employment rates.

With COVID-19 sinking developing countries— many of which were U.S. trade partners before the pandemic—into deeper poverty, the American economy has already felt the effects of those countries’ rising poverty rates.

This is why we thank Senators Benjamin Cardin, Chris Van Hollen Jr., as well as Representative Anthony Brown for their continued support of the International Affairs Budget while urging other leaders to do the same.



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