The Baltimore Ravens made a step in the right direction when they hired University of Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken to be their play caller. Monken was Georgia’s offensive coordinator from 2020 – 2022. His last experience in the NFL was in 2019, when he was the offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. It didn’t go well as he only lasted one season, but Monken learned from his experience.

“I think the game has changed. The game has become more of a space game,” Monken said. “Now, it’s utilizing athletic quarterbacks. The game has changed; it’s changing. At one time, it was taller pocket passers, and now you’re seeing more shorter, athletic players. The game has changed in terms of using their athleticism, using players’ athleticisms, what they bring to the table because the game is about space. It’s about being explosive.”

Monken will have explosive players such as wide receiver Devin Duvernay to take advantage of in Baltimore. Running back J. K. Dobbins, along with tight ends Mark Andrews and Isaiah Likely, should be direct beneficiaries of Monken’s arrival.

Georgia has produced some productive running backs with Monken calling the plays. A healthy Dobbins should be able to excel in the scheme which is in line with the Ravens desire to pound the football.

Monken’s offense featured tight ends Darnell Washington and Brock Bowers over the last two seasons. Andrews and Likely will get to make plenty of plays for Monken.

Then there’s quarterback Lamar Jackson. Monken obviously likes the explosive plays that Jackson generates, but he also feels Jackson is a better quarterback than he’s given credit for.

“He has an elite skill set,” Monken said.” It’s obvious when you watch him on film, the things he can do with the football and the plays that he makes. I think he’s underrated as a passer in terms of his ability to make plays and throw it down the field.”

The Ravens offense only averaged 20.4 points per game last season. Monken figures to help put more points on the board.

Tyler Hamilton
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