Each day, we are presented with new adventures, decisions and obstacles to face. At times, our daily routine can become mundane and the feeling of complacency may set in. 

Have you ever questioned why this feeling sets in? There can be a variety of reasons you are feeling this way and those reasons may range widely. With the continuous desire to possess the ultimate work life balance, sometimes the checklists created between the two can feel like a crushing boulder above your head. We often times fall into a habit of getting through our days, to get through the weeks, to close out each year.

Take a moment. Inhale, exhale and be extremely present as you read this article. Can you count the number of times you’ve opened your eyes to a new day? Or even the number of times you have opened your eyes after taking a nap. I’m sure between the two you can’t fathom the exact number off the top of your head. Consider this, each time you open your eyes you are given a new opportunity. 

There is an idea I wanted to dive into. I recently sat down and thought about some qualities children possess freely that sometimes we lack or lose as we matriculate through life in our journey of adulthood. Children often times have an unquenchable thirst to explore and discover.   

I recently had a conversation with my nephew in which there was no specific topic but the questions being asked were a wide variety. It was an amalgam of random questions and through that conversation I realized what we as adults can lack. It is curiosity. Having an itch for curiosity can push us to lead a happy and more successful life. Curious people are not content with focusing on a single thing— they are fascinated with an array of topics. They ask a lot of questions and put themselves in positions to try and take on new ventures.

Often times, fear, societal pressure of achievement, and striving to be self-dependent, push our wanting to explore and adventure to the back burner. Thankfully there are steps we can take to spark our curiosity. This will in turn ignite our creative fire.

Slow down and take time to read. It allows your mind to become imaginative and wander. You’re given the characters, plot, and setting the rest is up to you to envision. If nonfiction books peak your attention read about any and everything, you’re interested in. Visiting an actual bookstore and getting lost in the aisles will help you figure out what interests you have if you’re not sure.

Question everything. Life is full of questions to ask. Be in the moment and notice everything that interests you. Figure out the answers to the questions you can’t stop thinking about. This will lead you to more knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment. 

Conquer fear and do something different. Change can be scary so most people stick to what they know to receive a predicted outcome. We become so accustomed to routine that we don’t even think about it. Talk yourself into stepping out of your comfort-zone. The more you do that the more curious you become because your mind learns to stop talking yourself out of trying new endeavors.   

Overall, it’s imperative to work on developing and maintaining a positive mindset. This will allow you to move through life and jump over hurdles. 

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Shayma Sulaiman
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