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Tyus Bowser takes on leadership role this season

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Tyus Bowser
Outside linebacker Tyus Bowser is in his fifth year with the Baltimore Ravens. At 26 years old, Bowser is now the guy the newcomers will go to for advice and he is embracing the opportunity. Photo Credit: BaltimoreRavens.com

A lot has changed for fifth-year outside linebacker Tyus Bowser over the years.

He came to the Baltimore Ravens as a 2017 second-round pick out of Houston. The Ravens defense had plenty of veteran leaders like Terrell Suggs, C.J. Mosely, Tony Jefferson and Eric Weddle when Bowser was a rookie.

Four years later, all of those players are gone and Bowser now finds himself in position to be a veteran leader for the defense. The Ravens added outside linebackers Odafeh Oweh and Daelin Hayes with their first and fifth round picks respectively.

At 26 years old, Bowser is a guy the newcomers will go to for advice and he is embracing the opportunity.

“I hate to be the guy now that is leading the young guys, when I was just a young guy not too long ago. But I’m definitely excited about the moment; definitely excited about being around a great bunch of young guys who want to learn, who want to get better as players and also as people too. Just being a guy that they can talk to outside of the field. So, it’s a great moment, and I’m excited about it,” Bowser said on Tuesday.

For Bowser, it’s all about embracing the moment. He says he is well aware of how critical this next month will be as the Ravens work to build a foundation for what they hope will be a championship season.

His personal goal is to be a Pro Bowler after signing a four-year, $22 million deal to remain a Raven. The big deal hasn’t changed his approach though.

Bowser isn’t hitching his security on the deal that he signed.

“I just keep the same mentality of just trying to prove myself each and every year. Regardless of what your contract is or who you are, you’ve got guys coming in that are coming to take your job, and I understand that. I’m coming with the mentality to come out here and work hard each and every day,” Bowser said.

Bowser’s best season came in 2019 when he finished with five sacks and 10 QB hits despite not starting a single game. He started two games last season (played in 16) and logged three interceptions, two sacks along with 14 QB hits. Simply put, the arrow is pointing up for the young, versatile linebacker.

The Ravens love his versatility.

“He’s great in coverage, and it’s not just the plays on the ball, because he has tremendous ball skills— he’s at an elite level there,” outside linebackers coach Drew Wilkins said in June. “He takes away the open underneath routes or the guy going to the flat. Now that quarterback has to hold the ball for an extra second, and you see the production that comes with that.”

“He’s also a really dynamic and dangerous pass rusher for us that can really move across the front. It’s a great piece for Wink to use on third down, because you know how creative Wink is; he’ll put him anywhere. He’ll put him at nose tackle; he’ll line him up like he’s a safety and blitz him. So, it really is a great, versatile weapon for us, and our defense.”

Now, it’s time for Bowser to put it all together and show the younger players how it’s done.


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