Simone Edmonson, a 49-year-old entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia, knows the importance of resilience when building a business to become a successful, full-time entrepreneur. The founder of Dreams and Jammies, LLC sells 100 percent cotton girl and boy two-piece pajama sets. Little princes and princesses can enjoy sweet dreams in jammies, which reflect their hues, hairstyles and styles. Socks, underwear, backpacks and pillowcases were also created with children of color in mind.

“I came up with the idea after I couldn’t find pajamas with a black girl or boy on it,” Edmonson said. “Dreams and Jammies came about from a conversation with my sister regarding the lack of representation in retail. That conversation challenged me to build a pajama line to include designs that are inspired by Black and Brown children.”

Dreams and Jammies, LLC is also a testament of Edmonson’s strength and courage. She is a two-time breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 37 and then again at 42. Edmonson’s unrelenting spirit and positive attitude keeps business growth on the horizon.

“Some days are very challenging, but I can’t give up. I just keep pushing,” Edmonson said.

She launched her business in August 2020 because she was motivated to help children see themselves reflected in bedtime attire. Since she is a firm believer in instilling values in children, building their self-esteem, so taking a step to incorporate those beliefs into some pajama designs was the perfect combination. Messages like “Girl with a Dream,” “BOY Genius” and “I AM” affirmations are offered in clothing collections.

Instead of focusing on the valleys she navigated through in life, Edmonson is filled with  gratitude as she navigates through an entrepreneurial path. She once endured chemotherapy to reduce the size of a tumor, and a mastectomy followed by radiation treatments. The resilient entrepreneur credits her faith in “the Most High and support given by a “loving husband” and family as reasons she made it through the tough medical time. Living is something she said that she does not take for granted.

Another obstacle found its way to Edmonson. A lay off during the COVID-19 pandemic after a 20-year-career in the insurance field required her to pivot again.

“It was unfortunate but a blessing in disguise. Now I am able to devote 100 percent of my time to my business,” Edmonson said.

When she was laid off, a plan to birth Dreams and Jammies, LLC unfolded. Edmonson began setting aside from $500 to $1000 a month before launching her new venture, and purchased her first order of girl pajama designs in April 2020. She opted not to apply for a business loan. Items for boys were added later.

Edmonson’s enterprise is still growing. Evidence of the reward is partially observable through feedback she receives from people who purchased items for their little ones.

Customers like Shelli Gillis, regularly allow her princess’s bedtime routine to include sporting a Dream and Jammies outfit.

“Dream and Jammies pajamas are so beautiful. They are soft, substantial in weight, and have adorable prints that appeal to all types of interests,” Gillis said. “When my daughter got her first pair, she hugged them overjoyed and said, ‘It’s me!’ That is priceless for a child to feel seen and find themselves reflected in a positive way in the world around them.”

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