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As an Independent (Undeclared in NH), I have voted for Republicans and Democrats quite evenly over the decades starting in 1960 and I always voted for the individual candidates, not the party. I was planning on looking back, and analyzing former President Trump’s time in office and try to determine his legacy, but instead I decided to look forward to the future.

President Biden has laid out his vision of unity, respect, harmony and compassion for our country, and hopefully people will do their part to help reunite us, because the soul of our country hangs in the balance.

The presidential election, including the aftermath, was incredibly caustic and violent in some situations. Some ordinary citizens were overly zealous while campaigning for Trump and Biden. I noticed there was a huge amount of political campaign signage in my town and region. Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris signs sprang up in the yards of many houses.

Unfortunately, many of these signs continue to exist long after the election and even after the inauguration. There is no justification for people to continue with the signage of either party unless they want to foment divisiveness and
discord in our country. Take down your political signs for the good of our country.

Donald Moskowitz
Londonderry, NH


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