The Baltimore Ravens have gone to great lengths to address their wide receiver group. The additions of free agents Nelson Agholor and Odell Beckham Jr., along with using first round pick former Boston College receiver Zay Flowers brings an influx of talent.

One move that has gone under the radar is the addition of Greg Lewis as the wide receivers coach. He’s entering his ninth season as an NFL coach. 

Lewis comes to the Ravens after serving as the Kansas City Chiefs running backs coach in 2021 and 2022. Lewis joined the Chiefs as the receivers in 2017 and held that role until 2020.

The former NFL receiver is already settling in nicely with his new team. That’s in large part thanks to a previous connection he had from his playing days as a receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

“What made it [Baltimore] a good fit is just being around Coach [John] Harbaugh in Philadelphia,” Lewis said. “Just knowing how he operates and the expectation that he has for the organization and the team that he’s in front of.”

Lewis was with the Eagles from 2003 – 2008. Harbaugh was the special teams coach for the Eagles when he and Lewis were in Philadelphia. Harbaugh’s final season was 2007 when he was the defensive backs coach. Reuniting with Harbaugh excites Lewis because he gets to be a part of a proven winner, especially one with so many additions to the position he’s coaching.

Beckham is already impressed with his work ethic and competitiveness. It actually caused Harbaugh to compare Beckham to when the Eagles added Terrell Owens en route to a Super Bowl run in 2004. The common thread is how hard they worked. Lewis has had extensive conversations with Beckham and chose to allow those to remain private, but the one thing Lewis did say, is that Beckham has a consistently positive approach.

Then there’s the rookie, Flowers. Lewis has already been impressed with Flowers’ explosiveness and quickness. He said it’s been fantastic working with Flowers who he categorized as an “eager learner that wants to be great.” 

“It’s a tight-knit group. They care about one another, they want to see each other do well, and that’s been a positive,” Lewis explained. “The 15th guy is getting helped by the first guy, or the second guy is getting helped by the 14th guy, or it could be vice versa. And you love that with guys at this level – to help each other get better – because iron sharpens iron, and we want to be the best we can be.”

Baltimore needs as much help as they can get at receiver. Tight end Mark Andrews once again led the team with 73 receptions, 847 yards and five touchdowns. Their leading receiver last year was Demarcus Robinson who finished with 49 receptions, 458 yards and two touchdowns. 

Fortunately, Devin Duvernay is returning after scoring three touchdowns last year, the most among all receivers. Duvernay injured his foot during practice in December and was placed on injured reserve. He’s working his way back. Lewis called Duvernay a “true pro” and credited him for his professionalism on the field as well as the classroom. The group has plenty of versatility for Lewis to work with. 

Assistant wide receivers coach Keith Williams is there to help. Williams used to train various NFL receivers before joining the Ravens. One of the receivers that Williams trained was former Chiefs and Ravens receiver Sammy Watkins. That’s how Lewis became familiar with Williams. Now they’re working together. 

“I’ve learned a tremendous amount from him. He sees it from a different angle than I see it at times, and that’s a positive, because you grow together. I say stuff, and he learns stuff, and then he says stuff, and I learn stuff, and that’s helping our group get better,” Lewis said. 

Tyler Hamilton
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