As we approach the close of another year, we want to extend best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season to you, our faithful readers, subscribers and followers. 

These last 21 months has challenged our resiliency. Throughout the pandemic, The Baltimore Times has continued to provide its print publication, showing up every day to work and never missing one issue in its 36-year history and it’s because of you. Your stories inspire us to keep going and to continue reporting about all the good in our communities.  

Thirty-six years ago, the idea of The Baltimore Times was inspired by Joy Bramble’s desire to combat all the negative news about African Americans in the Baltimore community. After 36 years, the mission of our beloved community newspaper remains the same—to report positive stories about positive people. 

We feel that our role is even more critical today than it was 36 years ago as we face increasing racial tension; the growing schism of financial inequity; increasing efforts towards disenfranchisement of black voters; unsolicited discriminatory force displayed towards young black men; and other emerging issues. 

Yet, despite the predominantly adverse stories that make the national and local news, The Baltimore Times is encouraged by local non-profits, banks and corporate community partners that do their part to improvement the community; the “kidpreneurs” who start a company to help those less fortunate; the stories of overcoming financial adversity to start a successful business after years of struggle; and corporate businesses that believe community investment and reinvestment is for the betterment of their business and the communities they serve. 

While we continue to acknowledge the remarkable accomplishments of our national community, we appreciate the everyday Baltimore area community residents doing extraordinary things to improve their lives and the lives of others. You are our local heroes.

The Baltimore Times will continue to expand our digital presence and how we report and deliver the news. We invite you to visit our digital platforms and share “our”/“your” stories. Visit our website at to submit your story. We want to hear from you!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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