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As we approach this hot subject, please know that the writer, though he holds a Ph. D, is not a medical doctor and he is certainly no epidemiologist. But he is one who looks at facts and comes to conclusions that can only be refuted by critical counter arguments that can stand the test of good commonsense.

The coronavirus pandemic has been ravishing the entire world for almost two years now. It has caused the death of over five million persons worldwide. Here in the USA, the death toll is fast approaching the one million mark. This virus has been deadly. It struck fear in the boldest hearts and has led to many decisions that have harmed the public in many ways. 

The American government continues to use the pandemic to control the behavior of the population and to my mind has created real havoc in the society. Only one approach to handling this menace has been pushed by the government and all opposing approaches as to how the pandemic can be managed have been demeaned.

From what I have gathered, it seems as though it is in the very nature of viruses to mutate over time. Eventually, after many mutations, viruses weaken to a point where they do not carry the same deadly punch as they carried in the beginning. As viruses age and mutate, they lose much of their deadly punch and then reach the stage where something the scientists call ‘herd immunity’ takes over. Thereafter, like the common cold, the disease must be lived with and properly managed by a myriad of therapeutic medicines that help the population to lead normal lives.

Our government has been pushing vaccines and the wearing of masks as the main way to vanquish COVID-19. Under Project Warp Speed, vaccines that usually took many years to develop were fast tracked and where animal trials were previously used to test these vaccines before they were administered to humans, special rules were used to fast track their use on an emergency basis. Humans became the guinea pigs, being used as substitutes for animals. And it worked and worked miraculously to help us manage the pandemic. But then, instead of these vaccines working as traditional vaccines to stop us from ever contracting the virus, a new definition, of what vaccines do, was developed. 

These new vaccines were no longer designed to stop or prevent the contraction of the disease but were effectively downgraded to the level of therapeutics— to help us manage the disease and prevent us from serious illnesses, which led to hospitalization and death.

We now know that people with vaccinations, as many as three doses, still contract the disease. But, thank goodness, they do not seem to suffer greatly from the disease if they have been vaccinated. Hence, the reason for likening the current vaccines to therapies rather than traditional vaccines.

Now comes the new omicron mutation that is causing our president to double down on the use of masks, vaccines and perhaps lockdowns to manage the new surge which according to all reports is vastly more contagious, but much less lethal than the other mutations that came before. 

This might not be wise. This could and should be the moment when we declare that the pandemic is over and that an endemic is what we, as a society, need to be facing as we go forward and learn to manage the disease as we return to lead normal lives.

If we were to do this reasonable and necessary switch from pandemic thinking to endemic behavior, then we must quickly move to a rich and varied package of treatments for the disease: vaccines and a myriad of therapeutic medicines to help the sick overcome the ravages of the disease and avoid hospitalizations and death. 

All the medicines that some physicians swear were helpful to their patients: hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, (the horse pill,) remdesivir which we hear are already available for use in the treating of this virus, should be put in the mix of the therapeutic medicine cabinet, if only under the new law of ‘right to try!’

There are of course other therapies that can be added, like the use of monoclonal antibodies. And it is rumored that some of our most prestigious pharmaceutical companies have pills, already in hand, which could effectively cure the disease brought on by the coronavirus at a level close to 90 percent. 

Why the government has not given them permission to fast track these miracle pills in the fight against this deadly virus blows my mind. Could it be that so many persons in power are so vested in the businesses that sell vaccines that they are prepared to hold back on these therapies while their friends in the pharmaceutical companies rake in billions of dollars for vaccines? That would be criminal and evil!

This may not be so farfetched as it first appears. 

Recent emails between two of the most prominent doctors in the infectious diseases debate, Dr. Francis Collins, who until very recently was head of the NIH and the famous Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to the President, show that actions to hide important information from the public may be very common among the elite in Washington. A group of scholars from Oxford, Harvard and Stanford dared to write the Great Barrington Declaration, something contrary to the message Dr Fauci and Dr. Collins were sending and Dr. Collins wrote this email to Fauci: “There needs to be a quick and devastating published take down of its premises. I don’t see anything like that online yet— is it underway?” What were these two men trying to hide from the public? They did not want to credit or even debate an argument for a different approach to the handling of the pandemic made by other equally qualified scholars from Oxford and other notable universities.

Here is a reading of what these guys wanted to do a ‘quick and devastating take down’ over. The contrary scholars wrote: “Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health…keeping these measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed.

“As immunity builds in the population, the risk of infection to all—including the vulnerable falls… Our goal should therefore be to minimize mortality and social harm until we reach herd immunity.” The famous doctors Collins and Fauci would not even debate their equally qualified doctors. They called them fringe and planned, through the media to orchestrate “a quick and devastating published take down of its premises…” 

With men like Fauci and Collins in the lead, we need to do our own thinking. And we believe that given the evidence, it is now time to declare that the pandemic is over and that the endemic is now upon us. We are now challenged to use all our knowledge and skills to develop and deploy vaccines and therapies galore to manage this new endemic just as we learned to manage the flu with annual shots and Theraflu-like medicines, while we moved on with our daily lives.

Peter Bramble
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