Gervonta Davis, the 28-year-old professional boxer, has been making waves in the sport
since he first stepped into the ring in 2013. Davis is now ranked fourth best active fighter
in his division by The Ring magazine and fifth by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. 
The Baltimore native has won all of his 28 professional fights, 26 by KO; for which he is
known as the Tank since he completely crushes all his rivals.


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The Tank blinds its rival


Davis continues to grow his record after beating Dominican Hector Luis Garcia by
technical knockout after eight rounds for the World Boxing Association (WBA)
lightweight world championship.

Garcia did not make things easy for Davis, and during the first rounds, both were very
even. This is the first loss as a professional in 17 bouts for Garcia, who also lost sight in
his right eye during the bout.

“I’m a little surprised, but when I hit him, I knew he was hurt, really hurt,” said the
Baltimore native, adding: “He’s a fighter, so I didn’t want to show it. But I knew that he
was hurt.”

Starting in the fourth round, Davis began to loosen up with several jabs that brought the
fans to their feet.

“I was trying to beat him mentally,” said the Tank after starring in a new title defense.”
“He tried to deceive him with his hands and with his eyes. He is a talented fighter, so I had
to throw the bait at him,” he noted.
Garcia and his corner decided to give up the fight in the ninth round.

“I took a blow to the head (at the end of the eighth round), and I couldn’t see; I didn’t
know where I was. My head still hurts. I couldn’t see, but my vision is back. So far, the
fight was going pretty good, I was finding the spaces to hit him, and I think I hurt him too,”
Garcia explained at the end of the fight.

Arrest and charge of domestic violence

The fight between Davis and Garcia was about to be called off after The Tank was
arrested in Parkland, Florida, last December.

Davis had to spend a night in prison and was released on $1,000 bail after being accused of
striking the mother of his daughter with a closed-fist slap.

This isn’t the first time the Baltimore native has faced legal trouble. But at least in this
harassment, the woman who accused him came out to clarify things and confessed that
Davis never actually touched her or their daughter and she should never have called
the police.

What’s next for The Tank


Davis has a record of 92.86 percent of his wins by way of knockout and is preparing for
what will be the biggest fight of his career against Ryan Garcia.

García is another of the young talents in the boxing world; he has 23 victories, 19 by KO,
and no defeats in his career.

“I’m ready for the [vs. Ryan] fight. It’s scheduled for April. He’s been training; he’s been
talking. Let’s do it,” Davis said with a clear face of excitement.

He also trusts his punch to prevail over his rival in April, “my punch is that of a
cruiserweight, a strong one. And in addition to power, it is also precision and placement.

For example, in the knockout of Rolando Romero, it was not just a power shot. I threw it
well, hit the right spot, and at the right time,” he shared.

For his part, King Ry mentioned to The Joe Pomp Show that he expects to win in two
rounds “My prediction is that I will beat him in two rounds. A part of me knows that I am
better than him.

What I have seen of him, what I know of myself, what I know is that they are
underestimating me, because of how he talks and how he fights. The main thing is that he
has never really faced adversity in a professional ring in his career.”

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