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Blakk Tatted is ‘Smoking’ the Tobacco Industry Entrepreneur Says His Hookah Products are Made with 100% Fruit

He’s 33-years-old, is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, is a viral sensation, and created a product that made over $1 million in less than nine hours. His name is Blakk Tatted, and he is the founder of Blakk Smoke, a unique line of hookah products that the young entrepreneur says are made entirely with 100% fruit. The products include his popular On The Go Hookah Pen – the product that holds the distinction of bringing in more than $1 million in just over nine hours.

Hookahs are defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as water pipes that are used to smoke specially made tobacco that comes in different flavors, such as apple, mint, cherry, chocolate, coconut, licorice, cappuccino, and watermelon. Blakk, who is also a music artist, said his revolutionary hookah products offer a solution for those who would like to smoke without exposure to nicotine, tobacco, and chemicals.

“Cigarettes are full of nicotine and tobacco and people are putting those harmful products in their bodies,” said Blakk. “I wanted to offer a healthier alternative. I wanted to create a vaping product that could be made with vegetables and water, but no one wants to smoke vegetables or water. I was left with that truth, but felt there had to be a way possible to incorporate fruit into hookah smoking. I tried many things, and received a great deal of feedback. People told me it was not possible, there was no way it was going to happen, it couldn’t work, and that the fruit would burn. It was so discouraging.”

He added, “This may sound like a cliché, but I believe that if you dream it, then you can see it. I was also aware of the fact that some things don’t happen overnight. We have to understand that everybody’s story doesn’t align the same way. Some people may pop overnight and some people may take three months, while some might take thirty years to achieve their dreams. But if you truly believe in God, and you are passionate about something, then that’s going to be the thing that gets you through those discouraging days and help you to achieve what others say is impossible.”

Blakk Tatted says his On The Go Hookah Pens are made entirely with 100% fruit, and offers a solution for those who want to smoke without to exposure nicotine, tobacco, and chemicals.

Blakk said it took countless hours of experimenting before finally realizing all of his hard work had not ‘gone up in smoke.’  

“I experimented for five years,” he said. “I knew I was onto something when people told me they enjoyed my hookah product and like the way it tasted. The one thing I know best as an avid hookah smoker is what hookah smokers look for and what hookah smokers love. Creating my own was the best.”

Blakk said his independent fruit innovation fills the demand for the smoking population in the United States with a tobacco-free alternative. Noting the banning of JUUL products, he said Blakk Smoke offers a vaping alternative. His hookah vape pens come in a variety of flavors which include cotton candy, green apple, tropical fruit, Skittles, and lemonade.

“I realized I was putting money into the pockets of major corporations when I could be earning it myself,” said Blakk. “The great thing about the hookah pen is that it’s compact and convenient. It goes in your in your pocket, and it goes in your purse, and a person can take it anywhere and anyplace.”  

Also known as the “New Orleans Dip King,” crowned by his pioneering the “Dip Challenge,” and releasing the viral music single “Dip Witchaaa.” Blakk estimates he has an estimated 400,000 social media followers, and that his company Blakk Smoke continues to grow rapidly.

“Through this product, I just hope to reach the masses,” he said. “I always love connecting with people and creating generational wealth. I have created the blueprint for my family as an entrepreneur. I want to pass the torch.”

He added, “It’s great to change mindsets, because it’s one thing to look at all the celebrities. But when people like your brother, cousin, best friend or other relative or friend look at you, and you’ve reached something that seemed unattainable and unreachable that gives them hope that they can do the same thing too.”

For more information about Blakk Smoke visit https://www.blakksmoke.com.

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