August 21, 2023 (Baltimore, Md) – After 14 years as a digital services company focused on government technology, Fearless is expanding and evolving. It has established a new division, Fearless Guides, to grow its footprint as an impact company, expand internationally, and generate $1 billion in revenue.

“For the past 14 years, Fearless has been using technology to make an impact in the lives of our customers and the people they serve. During this next phase of our growth, tech will continue to be a core part of how we make a difference, but it’s not what will be driving our work,” said Fearless CEO and founder Delali Dzirasa. “The future of Fearless will be about the impact we make, not the tech we build. It’s easy to say you want to make a difference. Our goal is to actually move the needle in our core focus areas of efficient government, social justice, human life, and quality living.

Founded in 2009 as a digital services company serving government customers, Fearless is evolving beyond technology. This new structure, Fearless Digital and Fearless Guides, adds in people and organizational enablement services as a larger impact company. 

To do that, Fearless has set some key impact goals. 

By 2030, Fearless aims to:

  • Improve 100 million lives
  • Be positioned in 10 countries 
  • Generate $1 billion in revenue 

To realize this vision, Fearless has secured $17M in financing from Truist Bank and Maryland Small Business Development Authority (MSBDFA) to support working capital and to fuel acquisitions. Fearless is working to raise another $10M of capital by end of year.

“BIPOC entrepreneurs face many barriers, and one of the biggest is lack of access to capital. Representation matters, so we hope our success in this initial round of financing can serve as inspiration to others,” said Dzirasa. “We couldn’t have gotten where we are today without the support of others, and community is only going to be more important as we move forward in our vision for the future. To make the widespread impact in our core focus areas that we want, we can’t do it alone. We hope everyone — whether they’re investors, future team members, or customers — will join us on this journey. Together, we can change the world.”

To improve 100 million lives, Fearless will expand its services beyond tech to help organizations develop their people, and organizational operations and strategies. While most companies approach outcomes from either the tech side or the people and organizational side, Fearless is integrating both to holistically solve its customers’ problems. These services are part of a new model that Fearless has developed to fill a gap in the marketplace. By becoming what it’s calling a “digital services integrator,” Fearless is combining the scalability of traditional systems integrators with modern digital services capabilities. The model is designed to overcome both the tech and organizational blockers that so often derail digital transformation efforts. Through it, Fearless is building up tech, people, and organizations for accelerated, sustainable impact. 

“Truist is deeply honored to partner with Fearless, a visionary leader in the Baltimore business community, as their values seamlessly align with our commitment to inspiring and building better lives and communities,” said Truist Market President Jay Turakhia. “Their remarkable journey is a shining example of what can be achieved when purpose and profit harmonize for the greater good.”

“The Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority (MSBDFA) and the Maryland Department of Commerce are proud to assist a dynamic business such as Fearless and its insightful leadership in creating more productive work and learning environments for all.  We look forward to Fearless becoming a world leader in developing technology solutions that lead to the creation of exciting new jobs in Maryland,” states Randy Croxton, Senior Vice President, Meridian Management Group.

Fearless will now comprise two business units – the digital division and the guides division. 

Fearless Digital, the tech division, will continue the company’s founding mission to build software with a soul. They design, engineer, and deliver digital solutions to solve problems and drive impact, helping set the stage for tech to work better for people.

Fearless Guides, the people and organization enablement division, will focus on creating the conditions for organizations and their people to thrive. Through community, people, and organizational enablement, they give organizations the peace of mind that their most valuable asset — their people — have everything they need to succeed.

Together, Fearless’ divisions are unlocking the power of people, organizations, and tech. 

Baltimore Times
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