Sydnie Chandler Monet’ Collins—who has been the voice behind Perfect Timing Podcast since 2020—pushed the pandemic’s limits aside with a smile to make the world a better place. At just 17 years old, the Southern Maryland honor student brings people together through her podcast called the Perfect Timing. When she is not speaking into a microphone, Sydnie balances a 7-year commitment to dancing with the Washington Ballet, motivational speaking, philanthropy work, contributing author endeavors, producing, and a budding interest in politics. The future leader serves as a reminder that work should be purpose-filled, rewarding, and enjoyable.

Sydnie founded a non-profit organization called Live Your Future Educated (LYFE) to encourage youth to read books, build confidence, and social skills, when she was 12. The pandemic presented an opportunity to create a nonprofit business. The Perfect Timing Podcast allows young people to experience a place where they can feel safe, empowered, and heard.

“My podcast became my passion when my mom (Yvette Harris-Collins) challenged me to do something that gives back to the community. And once I saw the feedback and how much I actually do enjoy hosting interviews and meeting all these people…, it really was just something that I looked forward to doing every time I recorded every week. And the feedback from it has been amazing. And so, it’s only pushed me to keep going with it,” Sydnie said. “I just wanted to be a role model and set the example for kids who don’t feel like they have a safe space to talk, or they feel like their ideas are inadequate or that their voice is valid.”

Sydnie Chandler Monet’ Collins is the voice of Perfect Timing Podcast. The 17-year-old founder and CEO from Md. created a nonprofit business to allow young people to be heard through the platform.
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Perfect Timing guests typically include actors or actresses, authors, friends, entrepreneurs, and occasionally, adult experts who hail from various fields. The show allows youth to discuss their dreams, ambitions, and ideas. Sydnie has interviewed everyone from Christian “The Truth” Jones— who is a teenage CEO, day trader investor, and award-winning certified Les Brown speaker— to Brigadier General Janeen Birckhead. Brandi Harvey, who is the daughter of comedian Steve Harvey, is an American executive and activist. She was another one of Sydnie’s notable show guests.

Sharing news allows the Sydnie to educate other young people, in addition to older generations about what is occurring in the world, through the art of conversation.

“It makes me feel like… my voice has an impact,” Sydnie said. “If I hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have gotten the exposure that I have. I wouldn’t have changed the ideas and minds of people that I originally may not have done.” 

As the world begins to open to in-person events, the eleventh grader can be spotted on the speaking scene, even in Baltimore. On March 26, 2022, the teenager made an appearance at the Residence Inn by Marriott to support underserved girls in the community, through the Girls Who Brunch Tour. The event was presented by Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. Local organizations brought young girls to the event which included workshops and speakers. 

“I facilitated a workshop called “Your Purpose is Greater Than Your Fear,” where I talked to a group of 12–14-year-old girls about how to identify their fear, establish self-worth, find their purpose, and take the steps to make it happen,” Sydnie said. ‘I was able to have an open conversation with the girls about their experiences with fear, self-hatred, and personal revelations.” 

Behind every successful child, a support system at home is usually not far behind. David Collins is Sydnie’s supportive father. Harris-Collins, who is a mother of six, referred to her husband as “the silent partner.” She explained that David takes up the slack to enable their other children to be where they need to be, in addition to being supportive of Sydnie, when demands call for his presence.

Harris-Collins and Sydnie illustrate that the pandemic offers a perfect time to embrace new ideas and implement goals. A brainstorming session held when the world became tangled in crisis led the pair to brainstorm and bring the Perfect Timing to life. Sydnie’s informative show ended up ranking number two out of 40 podcast shows within the Elite Conversations platform. Harris-Collins lends a hand with Sydnie’s emails, prospective opportunities, meetings, and scheduling. She reminded that finding sponsors and receiving monetary donations would help Sydnie purchase better equipment. However, simply commenting on podcast episodes, and providing feedback encourages her future leader to keep sharing news and information with the community.  

“Even though it’s difficult for everybody in the pandemic, it’s given an opportunity to be open without being stuck in a box,” Harris-Collins said.

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