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Seawall Seeks Community Input on Its Proposed “Service Center” Project: Looking to create Baltimore’s most civically engaged building

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Service Center
Baltimore-based developer, Seawall plans to turn the Remington/Charles Village warehouse located at 2507 N. Howard Street in Baltimore City into hub for community engagement and connected living through its “Service Works” program, rewarding residents and businesses for hours volunteered. Pictured is an architectural rendering of the proposed “Service Center” Courtesy Photo/Seawall

Baltimore— Seawall, the Baltimore- based developer behind projects like R. House, Miller’s Court, and Lexington Market, began conversations this week with neighbors and community associations about redevelopment plans for the warehouse at 2507 N Howard Street in Remington. The building, which Seawall has owned since 2014, was most recently home to materials salvage company Brick + Board and before that, an auto repair service center.

The Service Center project will adaptively reuse the existing 28,000 square-foot building and add a 40,000-square-foot, four-story addition above it. The first and second floors will become retail and office space, with leasing preference given to socially conscious organizations working to improve Baltimore City. The upper four floors will become 59 apartments targeted towards community-minded residents who are committed to being neighbors and not guests in the surrounding area through the project’s “Service Works” program.

The program will encourage building residents to volunteer hyper-locally with pre-screened nonprofits working in the immediately surrounding communities; residents who volunteer up to four hours per month will receive a discount off of their monthly rent.

Seawall has taken inspiration and sought advice from Philadelphia developer Shift, whose J-Centrel project in the Harrowgate/Kensington neighborhood employs a similar model. The Service Center will look to break ground in early 2022, with completion slated for early 2023.

“We’re very excited to be starting the conversations with the communities that surround this project on how we can collectively create the most civically engaged building in our city,” said Shawn Brown, Seawall’s Director of Residential Leasing and Community-Building.

“The vision for the Service Center was born out of years of conversations with community members about how new development in the neighborhood can remain in step with community needs and wants, and enmesh new residents in the existing fabric of the area.”

Seawall has a long history in Remington and the surrounding areas, working in the community since 2007 when it acquired the over 100-year-old H.F. Miller & Son Tin Box and Can Manufacturing Plant at 2601 N Howard St. and redeveloped it into Miller’s Court, an 85,000-square-foot mix of commercial office space for education nonprofits, local coffee shop Charmingtons, and 40 residential units available at discounted rates for Baltimore City public school teachers.

Since then, Seawall has worked on a combination of owned projects, like R. House, Remington Row, and Union Mill, and also as a third-party development partner on projects like Baltimore Design School, Green Street Academy, and the Center for Urban Families.


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