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Rambling Rose: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, from my house to yours

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, from my house to yours
Pamela Rene Leak, aka Ms. Maybelle, along with her company and Brian Hall, aka Tee-Shirt Brian of D.O.T. Sports want to say a big thank you with much love to all the beautiful volunteers, including Agape Church, Trelton McCormick, Dee Dee of Net Breakers Church in Essex, Larraine Hall, Shannon Richburg, Sharon Mathis and Carla of Roses Hair Braiding for helping them to serve over 50 families for the Thanksgiving holidays. God bless you all. COURTESY PHOTO

Hello everyone, how are you? Because this newspaper is a positive paper about positive people, I will try very hard not speak of people in the White House who don’t want to leave. COVID-19 has spiraled out of control and friends and family are sick or dying, but instead I will talk about the positive things. Okay, since we last talked to you a lot has happened, we got a new president, and we will be celebrating a lot of birthdays this month including mine. Yes, I was my mother’s Thanksgiving turkey— I was born on Thanksgiving Day 76 years ago on November 27.

Also, on November 21, 2020, my daughter Karen and son Kelvin will be celebrating their birthdays— they will be 56 years old. Yes, that’s right they are twins. I feel so blessed. I have so many friends who are celebrating their birthdays this month also and I want to acknowledge a few that I know off the top of my head such as: Big Jim; Milton Dugger; Elaine Simon; and Beverly Douglass. So if I miss mentioning you, don’t worry, my memory is not what it used to be and it is not likely that I would have enough space to mention all. But my birthday wishes go out to all who are having a birthday celebration this month.

Jazz Expressways Foundation, Inc. Thank You!

I have been an active member of the Jazz Expressways Foundation, Inc. since May 6, 1982 when Lenny York, the founder invited me to become a part of this wonderful music foundation, and remained active until I started my own organization, the Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund, Inc. in 1991, which I dissolved in 2016.

My husband, “Shorty” and I returned to the Jazz Expressways Foundation to be active members again under the leadership of the late Howard Easley who was the president. Cynthia Williams Easley, his wife, was vice-president after Mr. York retired. She later became the president, and I asked to be the vice president. Shorty and I were very proud to re-join the board of this wonder organization with members such as Avon Mitchell, our treasurer and financial secretary; and later with Angie Cornish, the recording secretary; Dr. Donna Hollie; Betty Eggleston; Robert Burkett; and Mildred Battle, an honorary member. My dear friends and fans of this organization, the board members of Jazz Expressways Foundations decided on October 30, 2020 to dissolve the organization, effective immediately.

Due to the severity and restrictions of the COVID-19 world-wide pandemic, the age, fatigue and health issues of the members of the organization and the uncertainty of these times, it was felt that the organization has had a successful run and has followed its mission of keeping jazz alive in Baltimore! For almost 40 years, this organization has been a part of the jazz scene in Baltimore. It supported local jazz artists and provided venues for jazz fans to be entertained by some of the most talented artists in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

What a run, thanks Lenny York for your vision. Thanks fans, friends and musicians for help making this a legacy that will never be forgotten. So again, we say, “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Well, on that note, I must go with tears in my eyes and say “HAPPY THANKS- GIVING” and remember if you need me, call me at 410-833-9474 or email me at [email protected] UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.

Members of Jazz Expressways Foundation, Inc.
Courtesy Photo Members of Jazz Expressways Foundation, Inc. says good-bye and thank you to our fans for almost 40 years for your support, and love. We could not have done it without you.


supporting the Maryland Leukemia Society
Courtesy Photo John Lamkin’s Favorites Jazz Quintet is streaming Live from An Die Musik, supporting the Maryland Leukemia Society on your Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday, November 29, 2020 at 2 p.m. Feature will be: John Lamkin II on trumpet and Flugelhorn, Michael Hairston on saxophone, Bob Butta on piano and Herman Burney on bass. For more information, call 410-385-2638 or go to: www.andiemusiklive.com


Veronica Jackson, known as just “Ronnie,” the owner of Roots Lounge on West Smallwood Street is in Northwest Hospital
Courtesy Photo Yours truly and all of Baltimoreans who traveled the historical night clubs in the old days especially the Roots Lounge want to send good well wishes and prayers to Veronica Jackson, known as just “Ronnie,” the owner of Roots Lounge on West Smallwood Street is in Northwest Hospital, room 441. Send your cards, notes, flowers, balloons and prayers.


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