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Help Celebrate Baltimore Blues Society 35th Anniversary

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The Baltimore Blues Foundation
Baltimore Blues Society celebrates 35 years this month. It was in 1986 that die-hard blues fans in the Baltimore Region decided to join together and create one of the early blues societies in the country. Help them celebrate. Courtesy photo

Hello everyone, I am hoping everyone in the sound of my words are well and healthy and if not, hang in there, God will make a way. I know it has been a year since this mess of COVID-19 started, but hang in there. I believe the light is at the end of the tunnel. We must believe that. Please just continue to wear your mask, stay socially distanced and get your vaccine shots.

I am so excited by one of my favorite organizations— the Baltimore Blues Society. They are celebrating 35 years this year, starting this month. I am truly a blues lover. Die-hard blues fans in the Baltimore region decided to join together and create one of the early Blues Societies in the country in 1986.

We have seen so many blues legends live and in person right here in Baltimore because of the Baltimore Blues Society and the one and only Bradley Alston helped to create it for us. You can help them celebrate by sending in your remembrances to [email protected]

Another Baltimore Legend has passed

If you are from Baltimore, then I know you have heard of Flair Studio. It was a modeling studio founded by a sweet lady known as Willia Bland almost 60 years ago. It was at Mondawmin Mall. Believe it or not, I did some modeling for Willia Bland in the mid 1970s when I had a shape like a coke-cola bottle. (Go ahead and smile).

The late Willia Bland’s daughter, Andrea Travis grew up in the business and became vice-president and director of Flair’s Modeling Program. The studio helped so many underprivileged children. Andrea continued her mother’s legacy by helping to direct and train local children, teens, and adults in ballet, African American dancing, hip hop, tap and even ballet, and of course how to model. It was like a finishing school which taught young ladies charm.

Flair Studio prepared its students to attend the Baltimore School of the Arts. Travis was also a motivational speaker and was contracted to speak at many institutions for afterschool programs and group homes for girls. Being the first African-American modeling agency in Baltimore, other than of course, Baltimore’s famous, Travis Winky. Andrea Bland-Travis was born January 3, 1949 and passed away in February 20, 2021. A public viewing was held on March 1 at the Sanctuary on Madison, 202 E. Madison Street in Baltimore.

My condolences go out to the family and to her uncle the popular Baltimore photographer, Anderson Ward.

Now, let’s talk about my good friend and possibly yours too— the one and only, Carlos Hutchins. Carlos has rejoined the Network Broadcast Managing Partner of The Hutchins Funding Group. Specializing in merchant credit card processing, ATM machines, and business financing, just to name a few. He has partnered with the Tight Knit Radio Network on Saturday, March 13, 2021 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on WOLB- 1010 AM. Good for you Hutchins, good for you!

Well my dear friends, I have to go now but before I do, I want to ask if you or someone you know is in contact with a cleaning lady. Something I desperately need. If so, please call me or have them to call me at 410-833-9474. Thank you.

Remember if you need me, call me at 410-833-9474 or email me at [email protected] My mailing address is 214 Conewood Avenue, Reisterstown, Maryland 21136.


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arlos Hutchins OF CH PRODUCTIONS
Carlos Hutchins has rejoined the Net- work Broadcast Managing Partner of the Hutchins Founding Group. Join him for their initial broadcast on Saturday, March 13, 2021 as he partners with the Tight Knit Radio Network from 1-2 p.m. on WOLB-1010AM. Congrats my friend! (Courtesy photo)

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Andrea Bland-Travis
Andrea Bland-Travis was born January 3, 1949 and passed away on February 20, 2021. Her public viewing was held on Monday, March 1 at the “Sanctuary On Madison” on East Madison Street.She was such a special person. Rest in Peace my dear friend. (Courtesy photo)
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